Dulcinea Perugia – The chocolate factory

Dulcinea Perugia chocolates are hand-crafted confectionary specialties  made according to the traditional standards of the expert traditional chocolatiers from Perugia.

These sublime sweets are the perfect synthesis of imagination and reality.

Dulcinea del Toboso was born from the splendid imagination of  Don Chisciotte della Mancia.  This brand of chocolates,  Dulcinea Perugia, is a dream come true. It is the realization of an ideal that sees beauty and good come together, and whose magic lies in the ability to move the soul.

Dulcinea Perugia come in a wide variety of sweets that also express the excellence of Italian agro-food production (honey millefiori,  Bronte pistachio, Avola almonds, hazelnuts from the Langhe of   Piemonte, Truffle of Norcia, Zaffron of Città della Pieve, Extravirgin Olive Oil of Umbria) combined with the purest and richest single origine chocolate  (National Arriba – Ecuador; Gran Cru – Venezuela).

Our products are free of hydrogenated oils and fats. Made with the finest of Italian ingredients, they are the perfect harmony of quality and taste.

Dulcinea Perugia offers a wide range of artisanal chocolate products: a varied selection of delicious chocolate bars, original chocolate logs stuffed (L’Irresistibile, Il Mitico and L’Impareggiabile), pralines with a heart of soft cream (as La notte or Le Muse), our selections of dragées (as  Dolci Ricordi), as well as the hand-wrapped Easter Eggs and original Christmas Products.

And, yet, our range “Alta Classe”: pralines filled with spirits, wine or beer. The fruit of our qualified technical expertise in the crystallization of sugar in starch matrix which includes the addition of edibile gold and silver decorations.

Combining the most delicious chocolate with original fillings made with the excellent local food and wine (including extra virgin olive oil, spelled, hemp, wine, truffles, saffron) is born the chocolate range “Prodotti del Territorio “.

All our products are wrapped with care by hand and are made of tailored package that can surprise even the most demanding customer.

In addiction, we offer our customers a high service of Customization of our products  for elegant business gadgets or original gifts.

We also provide our qualified competence for manufacturing purposes or to sublimate events and ceremonies with special chocolate arrangements.

Finally, we also organize guided tours in our Chocolate factory!

The harmonious combination of tradition, expertise, quality, creativity, passion and research makes Dulcinea Perugia one of the top chocolate factory in Umbria and in Italy…the proof of the pudding!


Our rich offer for Businesses and Traders is certainly attractive. Some advantages:

  • An extensive range of exclusive products, hand-crafted with the utmost care, with recognizable brand and secure grip for the public;
  • Opportunity to customize our products, content and packaging, according to your specific needs or desires for special gifts or business gadgets;
  • Opportunity of special processes to meet specific needs, taking advantage of our thorough service work under contract;
  • Opportunity to achieve a good profit margin with absolute certainty of customer satisfaction!

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